Video multiplier
The Magic GhostCut can generate multiple videos with different styles from just 1 video.To achieve that, you only need to paste the video link in GhostCut.wait for a few seconds, Then, select one processed video you like and upload it to TikTok, Shorts,Youtube,Kwai,Moj, etc.
Smart Sounds Replacement
Thousands of royalty-free tracks at your fingertips. The algorithm will match your video with most appropriate soundtracks.Saving you tons of time.
Smart Subtitles Removal
Removing subtitles in videos is extremely difficult.Luckily, with GhostCut AI, the subtitles will be gone with one click.
Massive Templates
A video is better than a thousand words.There's no need to start from scratch.Choose a template that best suits your brand and add original video/pic to create top-quality videos